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No Link Between Saturated Fats and Heart Disease, say Cardiologists

Recently it was announced by the American Heart Assn. (AHA) that saturated fats are dangerous1. Again.

"Butter, steak, coconut oil, and so many other foods, are dangerous" went the headlines.

It was claimed that these foods are giving people heart disease, as it has been said so many times before.

The thing is - there is no real scientific evidence to back this up.

Researchers have pored over studies done on saturated fats for decades, and almost none of them have found any evidence that they are dangerous. All except one group of scientists.

You guessed it - the group that has said time and again that they're dangerous all work for one place. Big Pharma.

Certain doctors and researchers believe that this latest claim against saturated fats has less to do with hard facts and more to do with money.

You see, Big Pharma has been against saturated fats since the sixties2, when the world's first official recommendation to avoid them to prevent heart attacks was released by the AHA.

Leading experts adopted the claim as truth. But here's the thing, it was never actually tested in clinical trials.

Sure, there was some backing preliminary data, and it seemed to make sense at the time. Fat clogs your arteries, right? Which then leads to heart disease.

But even so, as with anything, hard scientific evidence is needed in order to reach a firm conclusion. This lead governments to spend billions of dollars on a study to prove Big Pharma's hypothesis.

They tested somewhere between 10,000 and 53,000 people3, replacing saturated fats in their diet with unsaturated ones - and guess what they found?

Nothing. There was no conclusive evidence to suggest that saturated fats were killing people. In fact, all evidence said that they weren't.

But of course, this data was swept under the carpet.

It wasn't just this study either. There are others, including a massive NIH-funded one 16 years ago, that failed to find a link between saturated fats and heart disease that are rotting away in Big Pharma's basement.

When independent researchers decided to dig these studies up and review them in 2010, they found no evidence whatsoever that saturated fats cause death.

Yet the government guidelines for saturated fats remain strict.


The answer, as is so often the case, is money.

Big Pharma receives millions of dollars from interested industries, such as vegetable-oil manufacturers and soybean companies, to promote the lie that saturated fats are the enemy.

But they're not just lying about saturated fats.

Recent search has discovered the real cause of disease and premature aging.

A study conducted by independent researchers uncovered the reason that America is one of the most overweight and heavily medicated countries in the world.

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